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I have been self-publishing m/m romance since October, 2018 and enjoy sharing my books with readers all over the world. I'm also a reader and I love to read everything I can get my hands on, especially m/m romance. My favorites are mpreg, sci-fi, fantasy, and paranormal. I write under two pen names - C.W. Gray and Chloe Gray. As C.W., I write light and fluffy mpreg romance with love-at-first-sight, a lot of pets, and found families. As Chloe, I write contemporary romance with age play, and of course, lots of pets and found family. All of my books, no matter which pen name I use, end with a sweet happy-ever-after.

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Books by C.W. Gray

The Sea Witch

The Sea Witch | The Silver Isles, 3


The Sheriff's Omega

The Sheriff's Omega | Hobson Hills Omegas, TBA