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Books by Lissa Kasey

Heir to a Curse

Heir to a Curse

Zach is running out of time to save the man fated to be his.

After losing a friend and inheriting her million-dollar home riddled with repair issues, Zach has his hands full. As a construction contractor he plans to make it the home she always wanted it to be. Except every time he fixes one thing, something else happens: fire, damage to the garden, and even mysterious lights making the staff whisper about ghosts. All linked to a historic Chinese shrine on the property.

When Zach catches a glimpse of a mystery man near the shrine, then dreams of monsters, he wonders if grief has driven him mad. But when a kiss awakens him to his past lives with an exiled lover, he begins to realize the only way out is to break the curse.

Marked by Shadows

Marked by Shadows | Simply Crafty Paranormal Mystery

Who would have thought a crafting retreat could turn deadly?

An escape from the exciting life of New Orleans ghost tours sounded like a good idea at the time. Micah invites Alex along to experience a few days of crafts, fabrics, and hanging out with friends. Except the group is more interested in ghost hunting than costume making.

When a couple from the group go missing, Alex claims to see something in the dark. As Micah’s troubled history begins to catch up with him, he realizes that the shadows followed them from New Orleans. He’s not sure if it’s their demons causing trouble, or someone human who is murdering competition.