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Julia Talbot and Minerva Howe_- Stories that Leave a Mark

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Julia Talbot lives in the great Southwest, where there is hot and cold running rodeo, cowboys, and everything from meat and potatoes to the best Tex-Mex. A full time author, Julia is an indie hybrid author with more than a hundred books under her belt. She believes that everyone deserves a happy ending, so she writes about love without limits, where love gets wild, especially when her crazy paranormal characters are involved.

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Free Book

Title: Fox and Wolf

Series: Apex Investigations

Series Number:

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Apex Investigator Dylan is just the man for the job when a werefox comes to the agency needing help after the murder of a client. He has no idea what a can of worms he's opening when his boss assigns him the case, though.

Ever since finding the dead body of one of his clients, foxy Rey Mercier’s life is a mess, and he needs help desperately. He has no idea why he’s the target a ruthless killer, and he hopes Dylan and his motley crew of shifters at Apex Investigations can help him find out. Dylan and Rey have to deal with literal corporate tigers and dire crocodiles shifters… all while deciding what to do about the mate bond that’s becoming undeniable. And is that even possible between fox and wolf?

First Promo Book

Title: Jaguar and Grizzly

Series: Apex Investigations

Series Number: 2

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A client with a cheating wife, a warehouse of cult members, and someone with a deadly vendetta—just a day’s work for Apex Investigations. Or is it?

Bear shifter “Grizz” Locke is ex-military and ready for PI work, which if not exactly safe seems less likely to get him killed on a daily basis. The added bonus of teaming up with former lover, Brock, a jaguar shifter, is all the incentive Grizz needs.

Brock can be a grumpy kitty, but has found a home and family at Apex. And now as luck would have it, he has a chance to rekindle his romance with Grizz. They might even rebuild their mate bond, severed years ago—as long as they don't manage to get killed first.

When an enemy targets the Apex team, Brock and Locke will fight with all they have to protect their own. To enjoy life and love as fate intended, they will have to find out who wants them dead before someone at the agency pays the ultimate price.

Second Promo Book

Title: Mountain Lion and Bobcat

Series: Apex Investigations

Series Number: 3

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James Pearson is sick of being down and out. The Apex tech guru has been in a wheelchair since a client gone bad poisoned him, and he’s determined to find out who’s behind their run of seriously bad luck. He’s also dreaming of a certain bobcat shifter, and he can’t figure out if Hank was real, or if he was just a figment of James’ fevered imagination.

Hank DeLong wants to leave undercover work behind him, and he’s missing the connection he felt with James when he was working with Apex Investigations. So when he gets the chance to go back and help the PI firm figure out how all of their recent issues are connected, he jumps at the chance.

Not only do Hank and James have to deal with the mate bond they can feel forming, they also have to fight the danger lurking around every corner for the team. Can they heal James and bring all the threads together before someone gets killed?


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