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Welcome to the Gay Romance Readers Club, where there's freebies, updates, news, and more! Be sure to check out all the other amazing authors, their bios and books, and don't forget to download your free book of the month. Have fun!

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Megs Pritchard lives in England and is a mother to two small boys who drive her crazy! When she isn’t working or being a mummy, tearing her hair out or drowning her sorrows in alcohol, she is busy writing about complex characters that know the harsh realities of life but want a HEA.
Megs writes both contemporary and paranormal romance and is working on two new series for 2019: a paranormal shifter series—title unknown, currently waiting for some inspiration from somewhere—and a contemporary series, Sater’s creek. She might also be dipping her big fat toe into the m/f paranormal too!
Growing up in a military family, Megs has travelled Europe and has a great deal of respect and gratitude for all the men and women who have and who still serve. Her dream job was to be a Bomb Disposal Expert and even had her own ‘kit’ when she was younger, which her dad took away from her one day because he didn’t like tripping over the floss she was using as her tripwire. She thought it was a good idea. He may have also taken away her cricket bat too which she was using for Self-defence!

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Free Book

Title: Mate of Mine

Series: Rescue Inc

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Having escaped an abusive relationship, Jeremy Sutton has learned the hard way that you can only rely on yourself. Just as he was getting his life back on track, it’s thrown into chaos: first by a flood and then by the person who rescues him.
For Vampire, Donnie Smith, this was supposed to be another rescue mission until his eyes meet Jeremy’s. He’d finally found his mate but convincing Jeremy to trust him was harder than he thought. After everything Jeremy has suffered, he wasn’t willing to be hurt again.
Time and patience allow's their relationship to deepen and finally move forward, but someone from Jeremy’s past threatens to destroy everything. Can Donnie save the man he loves or will he lose him forever?

First Promo Book

Title: Take a Chance

Series: Second Chances

Series Number: One

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Tom Carter

Kicked out at fifteen for being gay, Tom survived by selling his body on the streets. Four years later, Tom, now nineteen, doesn’t know how long he can continue living this life. One night while out working, Tom sees a face from his past, one he had long forgotten. One he had used to fantasise about.

Seb Banks

Afraid of the reaction he will receive, Tom runs away hoping never to see him again. But Seb had other ideas.

Sebastian Banks

At twenty-five, Seb’s life is going exactly the way he had wanted. Having worked hard at University, Seb has been offered a permanent contract at a local solicitor. While driving to a friend’s house to celebrate, Seb is shocked to find Tom, someone he hasn’t seen in years, on the streets, selling himself.

Feeling an overwhelming need to help Tom, Seb tracks him down and offers him a way out.

Is Tom willing to take a chance on Seb and accept his offer, or will his distrust of everyone from his past cause him to push Seb away?

Second Promo Book

Title: Awakening

Series: Crossing Desires

Series Number: One

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Awakening follows Tony’s path of self-discovery and a discovery of a side of himself he hadn’t known existed.

Waking up one morning, Tony was shocked to find he was in another man’s bed. Sneaking out before the other man appeared, Tony thought he managed to avoid an unpleasant encounter, but he was wrong.

When a call forces Tony to meet the man he’d spent the night with, he faces a choice.

Does he follow this new path or continue to walk the one he knows?


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Jeremy,just getting out of an abusive relationship is stunned when he is rescued by Donnie,a member of Rescue Inc as he is being dragged through flood waters. What Jeremy doesn't know is that his rescuer is his mate, and a vampire. Learning about being mated but not wanting it Jeremy struggles until finally giving in.Everything seems to be moving in the right direction solidifying their relationship until Jeremy's ex tracks him down. Will Donnie get there in time? Great start to this series. Can't wait for the next book.

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