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Jacki James has been saying she was going to write a book since she was sixteen and wrote fanfiction (before fanfiction had a name) about her favorite Rockstar. She is a believer in love of all kinds but MM romance is her favorite by far. She has a romantic heart and a dirty mind and likes to write stories that let both shine.

When she isn't writing she is either creating beautiful pieces of glass art or reading. She is an animal lover and dreams of having a small hobby farm where she can raise goats, chickens and organic veggies. In the meantime, she lives in town with her two cats, awesome husband, and two college-aged kids.

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Title: Elemental Magick

Series: The Donovan Coven

Series Number:

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For most of Aaron’s life, things have been uninteresting, boring, safe--just the way he likes them. He makes his decisions based on logic and reason and he doesn’t believe in paranormal mumbo jumbo like crystals and tarot cards and witches.

When he sees an ad for an estate sale at the old house on the edge of town, he doesn’t see any harm in going and buying some things like an old book with odd symbols on the front for his antique shop. Who cares if the old woman who owned the house was rumored to be a witch; everyone knows witches aren’t real.

After accidentally raising a demon by goofing around with a spell from the book, Aaron realizes that there are things in this world that logic and reason can’t explain. Witches are indeed real, and he just might be one.

Malakai has been searching for the Coughlan Grimoire for years, knowing there are spells in the book that can be dangerous if they fall into the wrong hands. Securing the book so his coven can protect it is of the utmost importance.

He isn’t prepared for the adorable rookie witch with the curly red hair and incredible latent power. But to his surprise, keeping Aaron safe and close by his side quickly becomes more important than the Grimoire. More important than anything.

Before Malakai and Aaron can be together they will have to battle vampires, wolf shifters, and one very powerful warlock. Malakai can’t do it alone; it will take friends, family, and for Aaron to figure out just how powerful he is if the two of them are going to protect the book and make their new found bond last forever.

This book is a paranormal romance between two men and is intended for mature audiences.

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Title: Family Rules

Series: Breaking the Rules

Series Number: 1

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I’ve done the picket fence thing. And I’m about as interesting as any other accountant. Which is fine. I mean, I’ve got my daughter to think about. Stability and all that. But now that I’m finally out of the closet and single… I want some spice. Something or someone who’s just for me. One-night stands aren’t really my thing—not when I have Emma to think about.

But when a night with friends throws me in the path of a gorgeous but determined flirt and eternal bachelor, I have to make a hard decision. I feel instantly drawn to him with feelings more primal and genuine than I’ve ever felt before. This guy isn’t looking for permanent, though, and even the idea of kids makes him look ready to bolt. Too bad I can’t seem to keep my hands off the man.


I have three rules for dating: no co-workers, no repeats, and absolutely no kids involved. And, quite frankly, I’ve never even felt tempted to break them. Until Mark. The adorable, geeky accountant makes my pulse race despite my better judgment.

But the guy is a father. And I know from past experience, that’s a hard pass for me. So I vow to keep Mark safely in the friend zone… which turns into the friends with benefits zone… which very quickly decides to veer sharply into the zone I swore I’d never consider.

The forever zone.

Second Promo Book

Title: Cowboy Rules

Series: Breaking the Rules

Series Number: 4

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"You're right until now I haven’t dated. Ever. But for you, Lincoln Reynolds, I will. So what do you say? Will you go on a date with me?”

Lincoln Reynolds grew up cowboy. And that meant when you got thrown off a horse, you cowboy up and shake it off. You don't show fear, you don't let it shake you, and you never let them see you cry.

Matt has stood by and watched as each of his friends has found love, and he's truly happy for them. It isn’t that he doesn’t believe in love, he just knows it isn’t for him. And he had been fine with that until the night that strong cowboy fell apart in his arms. Now he wants nothing more than to be the one person Lincoln can lean on.

But for these two men to be together, Lincoln will have to realize it takes a strong man to admit when he is weak, and Matt will have to realize that everyone deserves a happy ever after.


Review Site: Love Bytes Reviews

Review Link: http://lovebytesreviews.com/2018/12/11/release-day-review-cowboy-rules-breaking-the-rules-4-by-jacki-james/

Review Quote:

Oh my heart. I have adored every book in this series, but this is my absolute favorite right now. And believe me I love ALL the guys in this series, but there was something special about Nathan and Lincoln, and Nathan got his story. I was so waiting for Linc’s. And with how things had left off between he and Matt in the last story…….tension was stirring bad.

Review Site: Open Skye eBook Reviews

Review Link: https://openskyebookreviews.com/recent-review-elemental-magick-the-donovan-coven-1-by-jacki-james/

Review Quote:

This was a lot of fun. Insta love. Fated mate. LOTS of magic. Great world building. Fun characters.

Review Site: Amy's MM Romance Reviews

Review Link: https://amysmmromancereviews.blogspot.com/search?q=jacki+james

Review Quote:

I absolutely love Jacki James' writing style. And I love, love, love this story. It's a feel-good, emotional ride, that contains so much love.