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Hey, friends. I'm Aria Grace, author of Contemporary MM Romance and MPreg. There are a few shifters books thrown in the mix but my sweet spot is really sexy men who find love and happiness when they least expect it. Sometimes I throw in a baby or a third partner, and sometimes it's just a good ol' fashion love story. Regardless of what you're in the mood for, you'll always find a quick and sexy story that is a little fluffy and a little angsty and a lot lovey.

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Born and raised in beautiful California, I enjoy the year round sunshine and laid back environment of the west coast. My career started out in tech writing and web development and has evolved into all things marketing--with my fingers in all aspects of publishing.

I live with my husband and two children and more pets than I can keep track of. Despite my crazy schedule, I love the time I carve out to read and write. Whether it's on the beach or on the couch at 2am, I'm a woman obsessed!

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Title: Twelve for Two Hundred

Series: Men of the Vault

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Rod Tanner's brothel on the outskirts of Vegas has its own special mix of clientele and hustlers, where the agreement by the hot boys is to do anything the clients want for a twelve-month period with a guaranteed payout of two hundred thousand dollars at the end of their contract.

It's the one place that Edge can find a complete, unattached release. Sometimes it doesn't feel like quite enough, but one of the new guys at The Vault sparks Edge's interest, especially when the tattoo the young man sports indicates he's part of the Nicola family. For Edge, the Nicola crest isn't the sign of anything good. It's just the representation of a past life that ended in heartache and vengeance.

Liam can't believe he's working for Tanner's brothel, but he needs the money and a safe place to hide out for a while. The only thing he can hope for is to blend in and keep his head down until he saves up enough money to run again. That's until dark and gorgeous Edge comes into his life. Liam is torn between trying to hide away and exploring these new feelings for the man who's an enemy of his family.

But the two men's worlds barely collide before their pasts catch up with them. Can Edge get beyond his feelings for Liam's family in order for them to find a happily-ever-after? Or will Liam's family be Edge's undoing and cause everything to blow up around them?

Disclaimer: This book contains sexually explicit content that includes sex scenes with prostitutes and dark themes that could be upsetting to some readers.

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Title: Alpha's Fake Omega

Series: Omega For Hire

Series Number: 1

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North is the heir to a booming family business. He was due to take control of the company on his thirtieth birthday in six months, but his grandfather has added another stipulation to the deal. North can't take over until he's put down roots and started a family. As an alpha in the prime of his life, North isn't interested in "settling down" and instead hatches a plan to get his hands on the company while avoiding his grandfather's restrictions.

Dante has worked at Omega for Hire as an escort for a while now. People usually hire him for short term gigs, mostly as arm candy to parties and dinners. When he gets an offer to be North's live-in boyfriend for the next six months, he's hesitant to take the offer and bail on all of his regular clients. But the money is too good to turn down and the idea of living in the lap of luxury until North's birthday sounds like a dream.

But an unexpected heat and some misplaced suppressants might just turn this temporary situation into a permanent one.

Second Promo Book

Title: Winter Chill


Series Number:

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Indie Walker started college with a basketball scholarship and a plan to stay focused on his studies. His roommate and best friend, Daniel, is one of the most popular guys on the wrestling team. When a power outage during a winter storm forces them to get closer than ever before just to survive the night, their relationship changes forever. Neither are gay but the physical chemistry they have is undeniable. Unfortunately, Daniel's issues at home might be too severe for them to overcome.


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