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2020 - Feb

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Hi! I'm Megs and I love writing about men in love. I write both contemporary and paranormal gay romance, and believe in HEA.

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Hello everyone! I’m Megs and I write MM romance, both contemporary and paranormal.
For those of you who don’t know me I’m the women with the crazy boys. I’m usually posting something about what my two sons have done. My most recent one had to do with mushrooms and what they resemble. In public.
I live in the UK and I would really like to see the sun soon but that’s not gonna happen.
I started my journey when I released a free short story called Valentines Surprise and I’ve carried on from there.

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Free Book

Title: Broken Promises

Series: Sater's Creek

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Andrew Buchanan had been keeping a secret, one he kept from his family until he was on his deathbed. Now the responsibility of telling his other family that he’d gone was left to Nick, his son. Nick traveled to America, unsure of what to expect but hopeful for the future. Enter his half-brother Chase, who was so angry and filled with hatred he wanted nothing to do with Nick and left him in no doubt of his feelings on the matter.
The only ray of sunshine was Chase’s closet friend, Brad. Nick was instantly drawn to him, but given how things were with Chase he was firmly on the ‘don’t touch’ list.
Brad was hooked the moment he saw Nick but had to put those feelings aside to try and help him win over his new family. Spending time with Nick, only made Brad want him more, a feeling he was sure Nick returned. However, he couldn’t give in to the temptation because he knew it would ruin his friendship with Chase.
Their attraction, however, couldn’t be denied and one day the inevitable happened, Nick and Brad crossed a line they both swore they wouldn’t. Could their relationship survive, or would distance and loyalties pull them apart?

First Promo Book

Title: What He Needs

Series: Salutem

Series Number: 1

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Being rescued was the start of a new life for Alex. He never thought he'd live through the abuse and torment at his captors hands, but somehow he had and now he was in a town called Salutem trying to recover. He wasn’t sure if he ever would. The things he’d endured, the things he’d witnessed cause nightmares that didn’t seem to fade when the morning sun rose.
Some days Alex wondered if he should have been saved at all but here he was, trying to move forward with his life when he didn’t know how to get through each day.

Cyan Dubois loved Salutem and what it represented: safety. A place where shifters could feel safe and be who they were meant to be without living in fear. There was only one thing missing and that was his mate.
When Cyan meets Alex he realizes that at last he’s found his mate but he needs to take his time. His mate, his Alex, had suffered and is nowhere near ready to accept Cyan or what their mating would entail. 

When Alex turns away from Cyan, too afraid to be the mate Cyan knows he can be, Cyan is devastated. With there appearing to be no chance of ever having a relationship with his mate, Cyan is left to wonder what the future holds for him.

Could he wait for Alex to move past his fear or was their relationship doomed before it even began?

Second Promo Book

Title: Mate of Mine

Series: Rescue Inc

Series Number:

Amazon Link:


Having escaped an abusive relationship, Jeremy Sutton has learned the hard way that you can only rely on yourself. Just as he was getting his life back on track, it’s thrown into chaos: first by a flood and then by the person who rescues him.

For Vampire, Donnie Smith, this was supposed to be another rescue mission until his eyes meet Jeremy’s. He’d finally found his mate but convincing Jeremy to trust him was harder than he thought. After everything Jeremy has suffered, he wasn’t willing to be hurt again.

Time and patience allow’s their relationship to deepen and finally move forward, but someone from Jeremy’s past threatens to destroy everything.
Can Donnie save the man he loves or will he lose him forever?


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As two men who never looked at a guy sexually before, their relationship stems from a strong friendship. I love the way it's developed and carried out.

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